A Cat’s Life

So yes, this is clearly a riff on Clue. Only, theres no murder, you don’t roll any die, and you aren’t trying to solve anything. What you are doing here is playing one of five available cats. You play until you decide you no longer want to play a cat. Cat people will love it. Everyone else will roll their eyes. Some cat people will also roll their eyes.

This is the first of our bored games. All these games are getting faster, more competitive, flashier, and jacked up with electronics. This is the opposite of all that. In fact, there is a good chance one cat will nap through the whole thing. Half the action cards have you skipping a turn as you decide to take a quick nap.

Our hope with this game is that you’ll sit down with someone and have a good chat while playing. A lot of people are not used to awkward silence, they find it uncomfortable. This will help fill that without being in the way. Great ideas can come when someone is bored.  You may have turned your brain off, but whatever that is behind your brain is still working, solving problems, and deciding if you are brave enough to list Hawaiian pizza in your top three.